Life is going good

Life is going good, huh what an interesting statement but at the same time do I believe that my self? I find it so hard to find something like that true, when so many times we use that as a cop out for something more serious going on. Or we could  actually have a good day, and the smallest thing could ruin it. Any way over all it was a very good day. I had the day off from work, so I got done a lot of things to do on my to do list. Plus I cooked dinner for a good friend so that was amazing as well.

That is one thing that I like to do is cook, but unless someone is going to join me for dinner I usually do not cook for my self. That is one thing I am hoping to change is my lack of cooking. One of these weeks coming up I am hoping to be able to cook every day, for a variety of different people. There I go dreaming again, lets see if that happens though. Not that there is anything wrong to dream, but if we do not follow that dream, and think that it will be answered then what is the dream for?

Wow that went a lot deeper then I thought it would.Not that is bad or anything I was not planning on that for the moment.Anyway yeah  I guess that is my feeling towards the topic at hand,it can be scary out there but at the same time there is hope if you just believe in it. Well that is my thought for this night, hope everybody has a good day. And remember just a thought away, someone out there cares for you and loves ya.


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