It is interesting to me what can cause the smallest memory triger and then that causes us to remember a lot of different memories, then we do not know where to turn or run. Now do not get me wrong, not all memories are a bad thing, but also not all memories are positive either. Where am I trying to go with this? I am not sure either. I was just remembering something that happened a few years ago and my mind started to drift back to that time.

I am not really even sure what may have caused it, it has been a while since I have even thought about that. There are a lot of ther memories that are a lot closer to me, that I am trying to still block out but I am not able to do that yet. Why am I trying to block out those memories? It was happy moments yes, but at the same time painful to recall, due to the fact that person is no longer with me. But that is not what is causing the first set of memories.Just a little side note there a blog, lol a rabbit trial.

Wow once again I am kinda random at times, a little mixture of everything in between. I am very blessed for the friends in my life that can put up with the random side. But those are the friends that have helped me through everything as well. Including some new friends that have just entered my life. I had friends like that in the past as well, but those friends are no longer part of my life either b choice, or they just moved on. I can honestly recall the few friends that I have no longer any communication with, that at times when it is hard or anything like that, that I wish I could still call and talk to but that is in the past. And  things in the past need to stay there right?

For my closing thought of the day, hold your friends close, and always remember the good times that you had with them.And for the friends that you no longer talk to or communicate with what is holding you back? My challenge try and reach out to one former friend that you no longer talk to. It may surprise you what me be started.


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