Today is a new day

Ever have one of those days, weeks, or months etc where you are just counting down until the next day? That is to the point where I am in regards to a few issues I am dealing with. I know there is a light at the end of the trials but I just want to skip the drama of it and get on to the next adventure. Does that mean that the next adventure won’t have drama? By no means, but I will be rested for the new drama.

Now I know that there are others who have way more drama issues then I do, so who am to complain right? Right but at the same time this is one reason why I created my blog, to be able to vent about what is going on. Now the drama that I am going through, is nothing really to new for me. Money issues and how I do not save my money like I should. I wish I could hire someone to look after my money for me, that way I would get a set amount when the bills are due, then that way I might have some money. Almost like a allowance but with some more freedom. That is just a portion as to what is going on in my day to day life.

Another part of the drama factor is the fact that I hate this the most about me right now, is I get my hopes up to high for the small things only to be drug back down when the door slams shut. For example, I applied to go back to school. For those who do not know, that has always been a hard then for me. I tried twice for college before this attempt and had to take time off both times due to grades. So I was not going to do it this past time unless God opened all the doors for this to happen. So I felt 100 percent sure this was going to happen, told people to pray about it, did not mention it to to many people though that when I had sent everything in. After that, I was really praying about it still kept in contact with them, did somethings here that I felt that God was telling me to do, to get ready.

Anyway, as things were getting ready for this to happen. I had not heard anything for a while, so I called them to find out what the status was. And they were not sure but someone would call me and let me know,also side note I talked with the head of the admissions department. So I went to dinner with my friends and I got a e-mail. They told me I was not accepted, that really hurt a lot. I had all the doors wide open for it then for it to just slam shut.And for that reason, I am not sure if I even want to attempt to go back again.

Anyway that is just my thoughts on that just one example there. I know that my future is in God’s hands and nothing I can do will ever separate me from His love. So today is a new day, and God still loves me. Anyway peace for now happy reading


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