At times the life I am living is confusing and does not make sense. But there is hope and a light in the darkness. The way to get there is a journey, with many roads to choose from. Each with there own crossroads as to where to go. Does that mean I always choose the right road? By no means,but with each winding road it leads me back to the Cross.

The burden that holds me back feels very heavy at times, does that mean You are not there? By no means it means you are making me stronger with Your help to carry the burden.You have placed others in my life to help carry the weight, but it is my fight.I know that you have provided that armor for me to defeat the evil one but sometimes it seems heavy for me to carry alone. That is when You remind me that I am not alone. That there is a army behind me as well willing to help me.

The journey has a lot of up and downs, but there is rest in You. I am not the same person that I was yesterday that I am today. Each and every day will have its own shares of choices to make. But I know that You will still love me even if I choose the wrong path. What is the wrong path? Is it turning away from You? I am just a creation, created by You with a free will to make the right choice. Either that choice will be to follow You or to walk away, but I know if I do that Your love will still carry me and welcome me home each and every time.

Thank You for showing me forgiveness, and for loving me no matter what road I have gone down. And thank You for sending Your only son to die on the cross for me, so that oe day I may be with You.


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