This is a collection of short writing that I have done over the years, for some reason I wanted to get it out there and share with everybody. Hope you enjoy as always any questions about what you read feel free to ask. Feedback is also appreciated. Thanks, Adam

Why is it so hard for me to just listen to what God wants?Is it that I have just been so busy in my day-to-day routines, to actually focus on what God is trying to pass along? I know where my anchor is set upon, but I feel as if I  have drifted so far out, that I am not sure of the safe passage back. I know that as my light You will truly guide me. I am scared still of what may try to harm me along the way. I have nothing to fear. You are my rock and my Salvation.

Love is the bond that holds this world together. But so seldom do we actually show that love. What is holding us back? How can we show that love without fear, regret, or shame? That is in reality the question we should be asking.

As I remember the sacrifice that was paid for me. I am reminded that I am not worthy, I am a sinner the worst of the worst. It was I that should have been beaten, it was I that should have been wiped. It was I that should have walked the final walk up the hill. It was I that should have been crucified, I deserved this type of death. You never did.You choose this type of death why? For a group of people more then 2000 years latter that still make fun of You? No because of the love that will continue years and years down the road. Your forgiveness that you are willing to show time and time again. Nothing can I do, can ever separate me from Your love. As I continue  to seek You, I know You better and better with a knowledge of understanding.

How many times do we question the “unknown”, but are afraid to unmask the reality of the situation?  Why are we are so scared to seek the future, due to the past but yet we want to move on and look forward. But it seems as if the past is still holding us captive, we are almost afraid to seek due to the fear .