Light in a dark world

At times it is hard to see the light in a dark and shattered world.The light is present and all around but it is dim, not bright, almost fading. The question that remains the only question that really does exist is how can we as Christians in the darkness shine bright to those that are around us? That includes the work place, coffee shops, where we live, even to our own families. How can we make our light shine?With that here is a interesting thought. We know so much random trivia,  from songs, movies, slogans, commercials, but how much more do we know our own Bible? Satan knows the bible to try and use it against us when we are week. How much do we know to counter attack? Now for weapons of offense we have a whole suite of armor to some degree. But the question is do we know what those pieces of armor are? Or how can we apply them to our lives?

The armor of God is something that so many times we take for granted. it will help our light shine bright in  this dark world, it is a counter attack against the enemy. Let me break down the armor for you. The belt of truth keeps us from giving into the world’s ideas or believes.  The breast plate of righteousness. Righteousness is being  honest ,fair with others, being humble. Feet prepared with the gospel of peace.The gospel of peace is being right with God.The shield of faith. Faith is knowing that God will keep His promises.The helmet of salvation. Putting on the helmet of salvation is knowing that Jesus died on the cross and rose again. The sword of the spirit which is the word of God is our offense weapon. That way we can battle the enemy with scripture. But remember also that the enemy know the bible also. So we always need to keep our sword sharp. Another  weapon that we have against the enemy is prayer. That is why we always need to be praying for one another, asking one another how can I pray for you? But not just say it to say it but instead say it and truly care.

Those are all different ways that we can look out for one another also. If you see a brother or sister strugling seek them out, remind them that they have the armor of God behind them, to protect them. To let them know they are not alone, that you are right there with them also. Those are also ways to stay in the light in this dark world that is gaining ground that we once as Christians claimed. We need to fight back get out there witnessing,sharing our faith. What is stopping us? Is it fear,regret or shame? All of that has no power over us who believe anymore. God is ten times bigger then that. So in closing let you light shine bright. If you need help ask, you might be surprised about who is willing to listen or who does care. All you have to do is ask, pray, and seek. So in closing who ever may read this. I do care and I am praying for you. If you need anything at all do not hesitate to ask. And know that you are not alone.


To my future kids

Dear Kids,

From the very moment you were born. I loved you with all of my heart. Even before you born I loved you with every fiber that is within me. I remember the moment when you were born in the hospital, everyone was so excited. I was filled with happy emotions. the moment had finally come when I was a dad, to pass on everything that was passed on from me to you. The moment I held you in my arms for the first time, to the time when you drove the car, all those little moment are coming to mind as I write this out to you.

There were those moments when you did make me mad, or upset with you, but my love was still there for you. No matter what you do in this life I will always love you, just as though Christ loves us. Something I have thought you kids from the very beginning, from the first time we went to church as a family. To the funerals of your grandparents. To all of your youth retreats to camps. You might think for a while we lived in the church. But that is one thing that kept our family together also for so many yeas.

It still brings tears to my eyes when you asked to accept Jesus into your heart, know that no matter where you go and no matter what path you may end up going down that God’s love is still there for you. just a prayer away, when you are scared or lonely. Remember also what I taught  you about relationships. Treat the other person with respect listen to what there needs are, remember it is not always about you. They need to have time for them self also. Love them with your whole heart, never back down, show them how much your care through your actions.

In closing, just know that no matter what the road may lead, or where you may end up going that I love you with all my heart. And I am always going to be there for you no matter what. Even after I am gone and in the ground I will still love you. Remember also how much God’s love is there also for you.

Love your father,

Adam aka Dad

Are you there?

At times the heart can be the most open. And yet at other times it can be the most closed off. Sometimes even over the same issue, or the same topic. It is very interesting how this happens. I am not going to explain how it happens or why it happens. But sometimes I feel like that can be my heart all within the same day, or even the same hour.

I am tired of feeling that way. When will the joy that I have encountered before come back? I am not talking about my Christian walk here at all before anybody jumps to any conclusions. My Christian walk right now is something that each and every day is a new adventure true, but I have never been closer in my walk then i have been in a while. Each day God is teaching me new and exciting things. I am really interested to see where God is going to lead me next. I am talking about the joy of having someone else in my life with me. To share the ups and downs to be able to talk to her when I am having a bad day.

I do have friends that are here for me to support me and to pray for me, but just to have that closeness with one person again would be amazing. I know it sounds like I am complaining about this, and maybe to some degree I am. But this is my choice to write about what is on my mind. Back to the topic now. I know that the right person is out there for me. But in reality I am starting to question that. i feel like I am always going to be that good friend or that guy that it is ok to come talk to but never get to know deeper then  that. i know that attraction has a lot to do it with but that is not the only part. Personality has a lot to do with it also.

My question is are you there? I am here waiting and yes I know God’s timing is perfect. But just to know that you are around would be epic. I can just picture the two of us worshiping God together at the church. Holding hands while either one of us is driving. Having a home cooked meal. Hey I am not that bad of a cook. Sharing life, getting to know you for more than just you. To be there when you are alone or scared, to comfort me when I am down heartened. To get to know each others family. Is that really too much to ask? Just know that when we do meet that I am yours and I am going to be there for you no matter what. Just like I know you are going to be there for me as well. What ever bridges we may come across as a couple we will over come them. We will be there for each other to build and over come. To learn what trust and love means together.

I know this is part dream, but this is how I have been feeling lately. I am not just looking for a fly by night either, I am looking for a real relationship. But anyway, that is what is on my mind thanks for reading. Talk to y’all later