Light in a dark world

At times it is hard to see the light in a dark and shattered world.The light is present and all around but it is dim, not bright, almost fading. The question that remains the only question that really does exist is how can we as Christians in the darkness shine bright to those that are around us? That includes the work place, coffee shops, where we live, even to our own families. How can we make our light shine?With that here is a interesting thought. We know so much random trivia,  from songs, movies, slogans, commercials, but how much more do we know our own Bible? Satan knows the bible to try and use it against us when we are week. How much do we know to counter attack? Now for weapons of offense we have a whole suite of armor to some degree. But the question is do we know what those pieces of armor are? Or how can we apply them to our lives?

The armor of God is something that so many times we take for granted. it will help our light shine bright in  this dark world, it is a counter attack against the enemy. Let me break down the armor for you. The belt of truth keeps us from giving into the world’s ideas or believes.  The breast plate of righteousness. Righteousness is being  honest ,fair with others, being humble. Feet prepared with the gospel of peace.The gospel of peace is being right with God.The shield of faith. Faith is knowing that God will keep His promises.The helmet of salvation. Putting on the helmet of salvation is knowing that Jesus died on the cross and rose again. The sword of the spirit which is the word of God is our offense weapon. That way we can battle the enemy with scripture. But remember also that the enemy know the bible also. So we always need to keep our sword sharp. Another  weapon that we have against the enemy is prayer. That is why we always need to be praying for one another, asking one another how can I pray for you? But not just say it to say it but instead say it and truly care.

Those are all different ways that we can look out for one another also. If you see a brother or sister strugling seek them out, remind them that they have the armor of God behind them, to protect them. To let them know they are not alone, that you are right there with them also. Those are also ways to stay in the light in this dark world that is gaining ground that we once as Christians claimed. We need to fight back get out there witnessing,sharing our faith. What is stopping us? Is it fear,regret or shame? All of that has no power over us who believe anymore. God is ten times bigger then that. So in closing let you light shine bright. If you need help ask, you might be surprised about who is willing to listen or who does care. All you have to do is ask, pray, and seek. So in closing who ever may read this. I do care and I am praying for you. If you need anything at all do not hesitate to ask. And know that you are not alone.


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