the journey

I wish there were words to express how I have been feeling. But I feel like it may be to late for words. Actions have only gone so far also, so many times the door has been opened just to be slammed shut. I wish I could take a look at my life through another set of eyes.

What would that look like to ask God for me to see my life through His eyes? Not just the way I see my life. It is possible to ask God to see others hearts through His eyes, but what would that look like through my eyes to see my own life? Would I like the outcome, the end results? I know it sounds like I am complaining about my life but in reality I kind of am.

Now don’t get me wrong, God has dome some amazing things in my life. Has opened a lot of doors for me to go through, to see a glimpse of His plan for my life. Yet at the same time a lot of doors have been closed right in front of me. At this point I am not sure what His plan for my life is.

Those are a few things that have been going on in my mind lately. Now I am very happy I am working , and I have some really good friendships. At the same time I know that there is something out there for me that I have to discover. Something that God has yet to show me, but I am really curious as to what that may be.

So in closing I know that God has a plan for my life, i wish i could see my life through His eyes. And that no matter what I may go through that God is right here beside me every step of the way. And that I have friends and family to help guide me along also. Thanks for reading and take care… Adam D


2 thoughts on “the journey

  1. Sometimes, Adam, we just have to walk it out with Him one day at a time and trust that, no matter what, He’s got it all under control and really is working things out on our behalf. Besides….His best for us isn’t always what we may think is best. And then there’s that thing about His timing not being ours….yeah, sometimes we need to wait on Him to work in us before He opens up any more doors. I think He may do that to prepare us for what He has ahead. But in the meantime, we need to just rest in Him and trust that He’s got us where He wants us and He knows where we’re headed….LOL…I’m talking to myself as I write this, so know, too, you are not alone in where you are at. Keep trusting Him to lead you. Take care, little bro….love ya!

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