Each and every day is a new adventure to say the least. Even if we have a detailed schedule the smallest thing can through us off. How many times though do we look for those moments and then they never come? Or where we to busy looking for them and we just happened to have missed that moment. Due to the fact that it may have been something else all along.

The truth is those moments are always all around us. And what we decide to do with those moments is up to us. It is interesting that after you type something that you are not even sure if it will make sense, but to someone else it makes the most. Random but that is what I was thinking at the moment when I typed it. The power of the blog…. that would be an interesting title to something hmm might have to keep that one in mind.

While I know this one is more scatter per say then some of my more recent ones it is due to the fact that is my brain right now. A real scatter confusion of a lot of interesting thoughts and ideas all going through my mind. Some staying and some going.

Well until next time happy reading and take care.


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