The power of a blog

A very interesting thought crossed my mind. A group of bloggers are normally people who want to be writers or a group of people with a lot of random thoughts. Now with that being said,I would have to say I am a little of both groups. At times I have a lot of interesting things to say, not that I have a large group of readers, but I do like to write. It is a hidden passion that i normally do not share with that many people. At times though I would say I am in the second group, a random wonder.

I have said before even “if that makes sense to someone amazing, now what did I just write”. A lot of what I write just comes naturally. Not to much thought goes into it, but at times sometimes what I write is very deep and profound, to really make someone think. So that leaves the  question who reads the blogs and do they really have that much time? Yes I know some famous authors have blogs, why cause they now what they write in the blog may never get published. What they may not realize though is they are quoted more lately from there blogs verse a book. I would love to hear a thought or a moment of what I wrote quoted one day, will that ever happen who knows. Maybe within the smaller circles of who may read what I write but most likely it will be read and forgotten. Not passed on and not shared.

How sad would I be if that never happened? Not very, but I realize that someone out there does care, and they may even one day admit they read my blog. Without me mentioning it first. But who am I kidding that will never happen. Does that put a lot of faith in my blog? Not much but when you are reaching a mast universe, but with maybe 3 people reading this who knows. Not that I am putting down my readers, i am greatfull for all my readers who do read this and take something away from it.

In closing, let me leave you with this word of thought keep the door open for any innovation, cause you never know when the next major newspaper is going to come along and pick up your blog and you receive a paycheck. And no that has not happened yet. But the dream is still alive.


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