I am in a sort of daze or wonder lately, I am not sure what is causing it . But even more so lately I seem to be questioning things that i have known for a while now. But on the flip side of the coin I have been receiving answers to questions that I have asked a while ago now, it is interesting how life does that to us. Now do not get me wrong the answers I have been receiving are not life alternating or changing per say in the present, maybe in the future but nothing to do with right now.

Some o the questions lately that I have been asking are more to do with right now, yet I have not been receiving an answer to those questions yet. Why does that happen at times? I have been praying about a few choices as well also, but yet to receive any clarification to that either. To make it more simply, I feel like I am on the TV show LOST. The more I watched of that show the more questions I had that had yet to be answered when the show was over. But yet different questions that i thought o all on my own have been answered. Grrr life is so darn confusing at times.

Where I am going with this, God is teaching and showing me so amazing things right now. Open so many doors that  have yet to be discovered, yet here I am still in the present question things that have no eternal matter, if He cares enough about where the birds of the air, and the beasts of the field get food He is looking after me right? Those are some the questions that i have been dealing with, and for some reason my impatience is growing really thin. I am still patient when it comes to other things but not when it comes to what God is trying to teach me. I am willing to listen if someone has a clue to as to what i am still suposed to be doing here. Do not get me wrong , I am very happy to be in Omaha, i have a amazing suport group of friends and someone special in my life.

But I also know He has called me to a bigger scope of international missions, yet it seems like right now that door is closed. So prayer for that would be epic. I know i am complaining a little bit about this but hey my blog, you choose to read it, feel free to offer feedback. And I will be open to look into any info that you offer. But this is what is going on in my mind as of right now.  Just thought I would share. And remember happy reading and talk to ya later Adam


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