Just another tid bit

What is going through my mind right now as the rain is slowly coming down, stopping and restarting. It is very peaceful to listen to the rain, and so relaxing knowing that i have nothing really on the agenda for the day. I had a few things to do but nothing really to important. I have to admit I like those days the best, knowing that you do not have to work  just a nice chill day to dream, read a book or watch a movie. I know that not every one has days like that for some even  a few moments of peace can be relaxing.

Now i ma not sure who may read this but for some reason my mind keeps drifting back to when I was in New Zealand, I feel it has a lot to do with the earthquakes that they have been receiving lately. Even some in a city where I served in a ministry. Or it might be cause I left a portion of my heart there when I went there for a missions trip and just feel in love with the country there and the people. I know I was there for only two months, but for some reason it felt like it was much longer but in a good way. I know that the memories and the friendships that I made will last a lifetime, but i wish there was so much more I could do.

That has been one thing that has been going through my mind as of lately. Some of the other things include a trip to Vietnam that I took in 2007, wow it has been 4 years since I left on that trip about this same time frame. What you may not have heard that I went to Vietnam. Let me put your troubled minds to rest. Now I went there for one month in the summer of 2007 for the month of July. It was a very rewarding trip, while I was there one of the things that I did was teach English in one of the schools. It was a team of us but we each had our own classrooms so we each a had a group of our own students to work with, sometimes for outings our classes would join together witch was totally neat.

Wow those students that i was working with became like a family to me… like they were a part of me almost like I was an older brother to them, not a teacher student relationship but more of a family connection. that is what I tried to make my class feel like, a family atmosphere. Wow forgive me as I get a little misty eyed remembering the memories. Not that you could see that. i might dedicate a whole blog to the students one day.

Anyway this has been another adventure of reading and looking into my life with Adam. Tune in next time to see where Adam takes us all next. And eys i do realize i was talking in third person there. Anyway I will talk to ya’ll later… Happy reading


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