The adventure.. a work in progress.

This is a story that I am working on. I know it still needs some re-vision and some work done to it. I decided to publish what I had already written, to get feedback and any helpful ideas. All of this was written by me Adam Zikas DeFrancesco- any related stories are just chance.

The adventure that I am going to share with you is not for the faint of heart.It is  going to be a story that you will not want to put down either.The characters you will be able to relate to, cry with, laugh with. It is filled with excitement, but also a very serious situation that unfolds from within. This is a work of fiction but the places and the events are real. If something like this happened in one of those places I am not sure.So enjoy the first part of The Adventure.Oh before I forget all the characters are fiction as well, any real similarities or implied are random.


My name is Adam, and I am survivor of World War 2. Now when most people here this they think airborne or a ranger division or even a medic. Well I had a group of friends from each of those different fields. But mine was different. I was a Chaplin.I saw my fair share of a lot of blood and guts  ,it is part of what I am going to share but that is not necessarily the whole part of the story. More of a struggle with acceptance and finding out the truth.


I grew up in a small farm town of Nebraska, my dad was the local pastor for our town and my mother played the organ. it was me , and my older sister and our folks. i was the youngest in the family, buy about 5 years. My older sisters name was Jennifer, my mothers name was Linda, and my fathers name was Ronald. When I was growing up there were a few different life changing events that shaped who i am now. And who i will always be, because it affected those close to me. I hold the memory of them so close. But I am getting ahead of my self here, I need to slow down. My Sargent always told me that. Me and my sister were always together, we were a lot closer mainly due to the fact that the town were we lived there was not that many kids are age that were involved in church.By the time I was ten years old my dad was having me help with different projects around the church so was my sister.Our mom decided to home school us up until we were in high-school. When I was around six or seven years old me and my sister were swimming at the local swimming hole but something happened that day. My sister challenged me to jump off the bridge, I was scared but she promised that she would help me if i needed it. As soon as I jumped off the bridge I hit the water hard and my body went limp, my sister dove in right away to save me.she helped me to the shore and made sure i was breathing.Right after that she decided to jump off the bridge one more time and then said we would be leaving.She hit the water almost as hard as i did. But the difference is she did not come back up for air.She drowned the next thing i remember was somebody else diving in to save her. He pulled her out but he could not get her to start breathing again. I felt total to blame, it was all my fault despite how hard people tried to talk to me about it.Since then I have never viewed water the same way.

After that moment, I found in a way that my life changed and not for the better.My parents tried to tell me that it was all in my head, but I knew that things had changed.When i was 12 years old a friend came into my life a friend that would change the way I look at things, a best friend but at the same time even more.My parents decided to allow me to enter junior-high instead of waiting until high school to start mainly due to the lack of friends that i had in my life. The first few months were as hard as could be. I had a few friends that i had meet while at church camp but they seemed different when I was around them and their other friends, it might have been a head game but I am not sure.The friend that I am talking about is Cassie, she grew up not that far away from me but for some reason or another did not seem to notice her until we hit junior high.

She grew up in a two parent family not unlike how I grew up she had a older brother who was already in college.Her dad was unemployed and her mom worked at the local dinner since she worked so much it was just her and her dad. Something may have been going on, but I was not sure, she never wanted to go home. She would rather come to my parents and spend time with my mom and talk a lot to my dad. She was crying a lot, I never knew why but at the same time she never wanted to leave my side when we were together. She would even come to church early just to help start the fire in the stove.My mom had decided to give her some of Jenny’s old clothing, and then the next then you know her mom just took off. We latter found out she moved to Denver with a truck driver she meet. After that Cassie was never really the same. She never came back to church, her dad said it was a waste of time. I was upset because I was never aloud to go over to her house either. And the odd part was she was never aloud to come over to my parents house anymore either.

Something was going on with that situation, but I was not sure as to what. The next then I knew Cassie was being shipped off to Omaha to live with her Aunt and Uncle. I was really torn apart by that, we had just entered high school when this happened. We did however keep in contact over letters, and her aunt and uncle did let her come to church camp. I was thankful for that but something seemed different, but she never talked to me about it. High school was not the best time for me, everybody knew I was the “preacher’s son” and I never was really good at making friends anyway. bad combination looking back on it. I did however meet some really close friends at church camp my sophomore year, one of them Luke, would be my roommate in college even. We were the best of friends. Our senior year of high school we decided to be cabin leaders during the middle high camp.



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