Child’s view

The moment I entered the world, there was joy everything was brand new and exciting. My future was bright and full of promise. When I got sick everything seemed to change. My whole world was turned upside down. From a room I knew to a hospital. Why was I back in here? What was really going on? I was to young to know for sure. All I knew was I was scared to death. “Mommy who are these people?” I tried to ask but I had no voice. How long was I going to be in here?

Over the next few weeks it seemed a lot longer, but I was in and out of the hospital so much. They could not figure what was wrong. At times my parents were not always there to be with me, when I had to get different tests done. The nurses were very friendly and very educated, but I was still scared.The needles hurt the most when they had to poke me. The blood was drawn, the tests were done but no end in site. I kept getting sicker and sicker.

One day the doctor, was talking to both of my parents together, I was happy to see my daddy he did not come by as much. Him and mommy kept fighting. I felt like it was part my fault, but I did not mean to get sick, I never planed this. Daddy was holding me in his big arms when the doctor was talking. ” I am not sure what else we can do for your baby”, the doctor said. ” We have done everything we can for your baby.” Mommy started to cry, daddy put me back in my crib to hold her hand. Daddy asked a question next ” How much longer does our baby have?” The doctor did not know for sure, he looked just as scared.

The world as I knew it ended just as fast as it started. I took my last breath, the doctor said there was nothing else they could do.


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