At night

As I lay here looking up into the dark abyss of the night, my world almost feels as if it has stopped. The stars are illuminating all around me, the night sounds are all I hear. The fresh breeze is relaxing and cool, the moon shines bright upon me. As I lay here looking up I start to wonder how big the galaxy really is.  It looks so large compared to my life, but I know that someone did create all this.

I feel at peace with the night, it is a different peace then the  peace of mind that I feel around others. I am alone in my thoughts? Am I am able to truly be my self at night compared to the day? Where are these thoughts coming from? It is interesting how much more clearly I can think at night less distractions, less thought waves. But I am not asleep or dreaming.

The night though makes it easier to hide, yet I feel more open more vulnerable to the night compared to the day. I find it easier to hide in my shell in the day,but at night I come out of my shell. My thoughts come clear easier to express through written word. I feel like a poet or an author on some sort of trip to help them write, but I am not, the words that come out are on my mind and in my own thoughts.

The restless of the day keeps me chained up, yet at night I feel so alive, so as I lay here in the grass I wonder where will my mind go next in regards to my future. Now I know what Star Trek meant with : ” Space…. The final frontier…. To explore strange new worlds… To seek out new life; new civilizations… To boldly go where no one has gone before!”


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