on my mind.

The pain starts off small like a headache, the hurt starts the same way like a scraped knee. i wish I could bury those feeling of hurt and pain, and not let them resurface. But that is just a dream right? Those will always be there, and I will always be subject to them. Wish i could go back through my life and block out certain memories that caused that. See where it all started. And just block or delete those memories. I know that “God” does not keep track of our wrongs, our past, our hurts anything like that. But then why can we not do that also. It is very interesting how we can forgive someone for the hurts, scares, bruises and things like that. But even if we do forgive them, the memories will still be there. Burning holes in our minds. I know this sounds like I am depreased, and maybe I am. But quick reminder my blog, my thoughts. you are entitled to read it and offer feedback. But this is part of what I am going through. I know people care for me, and love me and do not want to see me hurt or in pain.But it is easier lately for me to express my self though word then in person or over the phone. Random rant there but once again it all works… So in closing going through a mild rough patch could use some prayer and a friendly word and maybe even a hug. Well until next time happy reading and take care.


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