Unite- tear down the walls

Each and everyday is a new blessing from God, to grow more in our faith, to learn more about His character so that we can be like Him,to have a fellowship that never ends no matter how many times we mess up.But how seldom do we take that for granted?When things are going good, we never think to thank Him, when things are going bad we start to get mad and curse Him. Even in our weakness it is a time for growth,we think that when things are going good with God we are growing. Not true, even in our weakest moments He is still present in our lives. I think I have done the most growth in my weakness of he who God is, and to know that He is that loving father always welcoming us home no matter what.

When we want to run away and hide, He is still there as our rock, and shelter.He is never going to leave or for sake us no matter how many times we run and hide, and shun His name. He is still ever just as present. When we are at the weakest moments in our lives, Satan tries to use those lies against us and tell us we are no good, not worthy to be in a healthy relationship, not worthy to be loved. Those are all lies he uses against us to keep us down and out. If there is something that we are holding on to, Satan will use that even against us reminding again that we are not worthy to approach the throne of Holiness and be one with God.

What is holding us back from going to the first love we had? We need to be reminded of the love that was there the passion that was there when we first came to the cross and return back to that Love.it  I think that this can happen in different ways, one is by the church uniting. By “church” I am not talking about denominations I am talking about the church as a body of believers. We need to take a stand and link arms, i think this is why Jesus got all pissed off in the temple. He knew that one day the church would be like that again, maybe not with money changers but with walls separating us. Going different directions, not joining up and having one passion to reach the lost, to bring them home to the cross. I know that some churches are united by a few events that is a start but there needs to be more then that. I would love to see a group of Christians join together down town to worship, and not just from the same church either, but a variety.


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