To whom it may concern

I wish I could put into words how beautiful you are. I am not just talking about your outer beauty, but also your inner beauty. That is the part most people are blinded by. They only see your outer shell. They see what they want to see, and do not bother to get to know the real you.

Your heart is the most open, but also the most guarded. Do to past hurts and failures and pain. Failures in your mind, which in turn made you into the strong person you are now. I know that is also why you do not allow people to get close, due to the fact that they may hurt you. And cause more pain and sorrow. In every persons life you have meet, you have encouraged or strengthened them some how, maybe without even noticing it. Remember you are a over comer.With everything that has tried to hold you back,all the times you wanted to give up. But you did not, that is a good sing of your character. Just to have seen how much you have grown from where you were after hearing your testimony is amazing. You may have reached dozens but without even going very far.

The hurts that have held you down, the crutch that you hold on to.Is in your past, I am not saying that the past will and does not hurt. What you do with your past is your choice, but remember it is in your past for a reason. The pain is still there but there is healing. God has helped you to heal and so have others the question is are ready to reach out for that help? God keeps no record of our wrongs, He has helped to heal and He has forgiven you. So why do you still dwell on it,if God is willing to forgive you then why can’t you? I am not trying to get you upset so please keep reading. Your hurt and pain has held you back from so many great chances, relationships and even some great friendships. Throw that crutch away, bury the pain and the hurt, it will take time to heal, but friends are willing to help if you are willing to open up and ask for that help.


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