I wish there were words to explain how beautiful you are.But words would never amount to anything. Each winter the flowers run and hide because of envious they are of your beauty. Every spring that follows they try to outshine you,but they never come close. Your eyes when they sparkle remind me of the stars up in the skies. Just a glimpse into them reminds me of the night, and how peaceful and calm everything is. I know that even in the daytime your yours sparkle and not just at night.

You have never asked me for the world, that was my choice to offer it. I know that I will let you down, but we will cross every bridge that comes our way. Just the small things in life make my heart glad with joy, a hand held a kiss on my check. When we go out, I want to show the whole world that you are mine. But I know that you would never allow me that, without blushing a deep red like the roses that you are holding.

But there is more to you then your beauty, I notice more then that. Your heart is one of the most generous that I have seen, you would rather spend time with others, helping them. Showing them what a definition of a fried is. You are always available to talk, even if it is the middle of the night. Others tell me how jealous they are that I  have you in my life, but in reality they wish that they could find some one just as beautiful. You are so smart, you know what and where you are headed in life. And nothing is going to stop you from achieving those goals. You have worked so hard to get where you are, if I am just a stepping stone in your journey then I am the lucky one. You have over came so much in your life, personal issues, family, and a lot of other things which I am not going to get into. But you have stayed strong, you did not give up. you have asked others for help when  you needed it,you did not let others hold you down.You are an inspiration even to me, you have helped me achieve goals that others have laughed at. You have helped me believe in my self.You never gave up, you always fought the fight. And I am honored to say thank you. And you are very beautiful. Both on the inside and the out.

This was written to no one in particular, just in general. But ladies it is very true, you are very beautiful, smart, and strong. never give up on your dreams, do not let others hold you down. Find the guy worth fighting for and keep him close. Remind him of how much he means to you.If there is no such guy in your life like that. Do not give up. He is out there, you knight will come and surprise you when you least notice it.I know for me personally that my princess is out there some where also.


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