Sunshine/Storm/ Night

As the sun shines down on this afternoon, I feel a warmth, almost like a blanket in the winter time, on a cold winters day.The clouds are rolling by, I miss laying in the grass looking at the clouds. Wondering why they looked so far way, and what shapes they were. The birds are chirping away singing the song they were born to sing. The grass is soft as I run through it bare feet, no complaints.

As the day progresses it seems to get more cloudy, very over cast. Instead of the nice and fluffy clouds that were there from before, they turn to a dark gray. There is a slight chill in the air, but it is still very relaxing. As I gather everything to go back home for the day, rain starts to flow softly. It as if someone is crying, due to a loss of a loved one. The rain starts to flow even harder now, there is clasps of lightning and thunder around. A storm is approaching , as I make it to the car. I am drenched from head to foot,but I still had a good day.

I start to drive back towards the city, as I am driving the clouds and the storm seem to pass. I realize it is night fall at this point, due to the stars shining from above.Part of me feels like an early explorer, guided by the stars to my destination. I have no regrets for the day, it was really amazing all I got accomplished without really doing anything. From the sunshine, at the start of the day, just laying in the grass. To the middle of the day, when the clouds started to roll in,which turned into a storm. To the rain, as it refreshed the grass, plants, and the streams. To the night fall, as the stars are guiding me home. Just a peaceful day out of the city.



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