Happy Blog :)

So I have decided to write a happy blog, wow that seems hard to write. I am not talking about the happy part, just more along the lines of the title. It seems off in a way to title something that is an emotion. I should be happy all the time, not just through my writing write? Get it write? Lol instead of right, wow I seem to make my self laugh so much at times. No wonder why I have “JD” symptom, now what I was talking about ? Oh yeah, wow the “JD” symptom. If you have never seen the show “Scrubs” check out that show, it is a good show.

Anyway one of the main characters is named “JD”, well it is kinda his nickname, sort of like mine is “AD”. Anyway in the show a lot of he does is through his thoughts, you can hear what he thinks. I am glad my brain does not work like that. Unless I type, meaning I type what I say as it is typed. Just like I did now, lol wait you can not see what I did nor could you hear me say that. But at times, there are points in the show where someone mentions or does something that gets him off track. He get off track and goes into his own world. Now what does that have to do with me? Great question, glad you asked, my brain or mind does that to. If I think of something, or if someone mentions something. My mind tends to go to my own land.

Case in point, when I tried to write that last ramble of thoughts. I got distracted by my phone, Google, YouTube and Facebook. Sad part is , I am not endorsed by any of them. Interesting part is everything I searched for or looked up was something that someone or somebody mentioned earlier. Wow the storage banks are getting full. I need extra room or space. If anybody can truth fully read this, I will be shocked lol, but I am happy as I write it. That is a huge plus, so cool. Anyway this is a short blog, remember someone out there cares, and is always avail. Happy Reading, Adam


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