The rain brings on different aspects. On one side it is refreshing, and relaxing. You almost need a blanket, hot cup of coco, and a movie.On the other side looking at it from a different perspective, the rain is starting over. Now what I mean by that is simply this, The rain of spring brings life to everything that was covered by the death of winter. It brings a fresh start, flowers to smell grass to run through, and water for the lakes streams and rivers. The rain of summer, helps grow the plants that farmers and others spend so much time growing, so that way we can have good healthy vegetables. The rain of summer is also in association with storms, Storms can be both good and bad , the waters will rise and flood, but storms can be a gentle reminder that we are not alone in the world. When it storms, I think of the storms of life. All the trials we go through but we still come up stronger then we were before. The rains of the fall, bring comfort a sense of peace. A reminder that our past is being washed away, that we will have a chance to start over again. Happy Reading Adam


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