Writer Ideas?

When I need the thoughts to be there, they never are. And for some reason when I want to write or blog about an idea, the thoughts are not there again.What does that really mean as a writer? I am not suffering through any type of writer block. I am just not as in tune as to what to write about, a few thoughts could go along way. But if there is no thoughts to start where do you start?

So what am I trying to ask through this adventure for this blog? What are some ideas as you the readers would be interested in reading about? I have a vast knowledge of different topics, we could even do a theme idea. But first we need to get a few of those ideas to be shared. I might even be able to comd up with a prize of sorts, for the person who comes up with the best blog idea for me to write on. But at the same time if you are a writer then why would you want to share your own thoughts? Consider it more of a topic thought. Happy Reading Adam


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