I called You answered

Each and every time I want to run away and loose my self. You still remind me of who I am. You tell me once again who I am to You. From the very start of time You had a plan for my life, at times when I am scared or confused You remind me that I belong to You.

The enemy knows the weakness that we have, but yet with Your strength that Only You provide we can over come. We need to guard our minds and our hearts each and every day, so that we will be strong in the eyes of the Lord. The bible says that The spirit is willing but yet… BUT YET the flesh is weak. Not very encouraging. But how can overcome this? How can we strengthen the flesh? Our spirit and our flesh need to be in one.

One of the many ways to do this is to know that we need to daily, not once a month, not every Sunday but Every Day we need to present our bodies to the Lord and say today this shell is Yours. Let me be the vessel that You created me to be. Let my words when I open my mouth be Your words spoken through me. Let me help encourage others and not put others down. Let me be a light in the city. Let my dream be re new, let me put aside what dreams I may have but instead let my dreams be the dreams that You have given me.

I want to get back to the focus of the matter , the focus of Your heart, and that is for the lost people. There are more then just those across the oceans that need to be saved. What about my neighbors right down the street? My friends who may not know You? At one point in my life, You called on me and I answered, but it sees there are more times when I called on You, You faithfully answered me each and every time. My eyes have been blinded to what I wanted to see, to not see the plan that You have in front of me.My dream is more of a future dream, I need to focus on the present right in front of me. My desire will still be towards that future dream, but with the help of others, and encouragement from You I can stay where You need me to be focused.


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