Hello Out There

It has been a while since my last blog, to the few readers I do have or have accumulated I am sorry for the non response blog. I have been having a sort of writer block lately. But at the same time it has given me a great perspective of how to maybe go with a blog trend. Or if I was to have a theme for a few blogs. But more will come to that as of latter. It has been a interesting past moth without being in work and then just starting up again. I never thought I would be motivated to want to get back out there, but I am really enjoying this new job. I think part of it is the fact it is something I have done before, but this time around  in stead of inbound calling . That is where you would call and place the order or voice the compliant. This time it is outbound, where I am going to be making the calls. I just had to re twist my thinking with the wording of it.

But in the way of actual writing I have been working on a new project which I am going to include in this blog. I promise though that I am not depressed or anything like that, even though I know my writing comes across that way. I am just good at getting in touch with my inner writer. I almost sound a little cocky there, not my intention at all. But for me I have always enjoyed the idea of writing, but never really took it serious until this past April. That is when I started the blog, based on a few friends. Who really gave me the encouragement and who believed in me to do this, without them pushing me I would not be where I am. I am great full to those friends. Now as to regard the new project I am working on, I was siting in my car one day and the idea came to me out of no where. It is almost a remembrance of a dream or a thought of once was told to me. Or even just a thought I may have, hard to explain in all reality. But this is what I have been working on, hope you enjoy. Remember feed back is always appreciated.

The storm is starting to brew, clouds are going dark all around me. Sun that once shone bright all around is now hiding in shame. the light does not shine.

Thunder starts to rumble into the distance, birds are heard no more, silence all around me. Drops of rain start to fall from above, in a moment the flood gates open down pour starts.

I look around me, the rain seems stronger as it falls onto me. Around me it looks like sunshine, but sadly it is false hope.

As I wipe the rain away, I realize it is not rain at all. Instead it is tears, where are they coming from?

Has something dramatic happened lately, that I am by chance thinking of? When will the sunshine that was once evident in my life return?

That is all I have for now, I am hoping to add more to it later and publish it as a whole.well happy reading, Adam


Where is the love?

I wish I could put into words how I truly feel about different situations that come my way. But it is hard me to explain sometimes the emotions that are behind the feelings. How many of us out there can relate in some fashion as to what I am talking about? It seems the more that people hurt me in some fashion the more that I want to crawl further into my shell, but we all know that is never a good call by anybody if that happens. I was not intentionally made to have a shell; no I am very serious about that. Even as a young child, I would always be trying to get to know new people always being the friend to the friendless. And a million other things like that. But over the course of me growing up years something inside of me changed. It is as a veil was wrapped over my eyes, blinding me from being the person that I was supposed to be. And a part of me has gotten use to that blindness feature, I wish I could go back to the way I once was. But I am only dreaming right? There is no way that could ever happen. My eyes are used to the darkness the hurt in my own life, to even consider the hurt of someone very close to me. Close enough that I could reach out and touch them. Without love none of this would be possible. My eyes are seeing a glimpse of the light, if God is willing to forgive those who hurt Him, should I not do the same?

If we look at any amount of time around us either via the newspaper, TV, or the internet. We see all sorts of trouble and chaos, and hurt all around the world and even in our own backyards in our own neighborhoods. But what about our friends who may be hurting? Who is going to reach them if we do not? We cannot sit around and wait for someone else to reach out to them. If we cannot reach our own friends, then we are missing step one of the great commission. With the help of others it might take others to help reach them, but if we cannot be that friend first, then we are missing a huge part. That may include giving up our right, and making a sacrifice every once and a while. Can we still show and be the love of Christ? By all means yes we can, but are willing to step into the danger zone to make that happen?

With the armor of God we are protected from the enemy, we still may feel deceived and injured once we leave. But God’s will and mercy will give us strength. But can we truly say we are on the battle field of life, without getting dirty? We cannot just sit around the church hoping and praying the lost will make it through the doors asking to be saved. Sometimes that does happen I am not trying to put that down here, but what I am saying is we need to go to the lost, those who need a friend. That may start off small just getting a cup of coffee but id we are willing to take the time, a seed may be planted into the very fabric of the conversation. Start with coffee if it leads to the spiritual aspect be open to it, but do not go into that conversation with false hope or pre conceived thoughts on the matter. If that friend walks away not saved, know and feel encouraged that you planted a seed, or you may have helped to water the seed that someone else planted. We always need to be on the lookout for God moments, but with all things it is the Lord’s timing not our own.

Remember though we are missing one key aspect to this whole puzzle, if we cannot love those around us, are we still doing the will of God? Now that is the true question, if we are judging the person for their actions how can we reach out to them in love latter on? Most people can see through the fakeness a lot of “Christians” put on. ‘Oh they love me for now, but if they saw me last Friday would they still have the same love for me?” Just remember they can sense if you are being real or not. A lot of Christians can see that also. So it is there for harder for the trust aspect to be there. Because of the fakeness that was once there. We need to be as real as we would be out of the walls of the church as say inside the church. That is just something to think about something to consider. Well that is my thoughts on this hope you enjoy reading, Happy Reading Adam