My Heart

They say that God does not look at our our word shell, He notices our hearts. How much harder then should it be for us as ” Christians” to do that as well? So many times it is based on skin color and what church they go to or what there outer shell looks like. There is so much more to everybody other then skin deep, what does this have to do with my heart? I wanted to set that as a definition more then anything. This is how God views us by our hearts. This is how we should view one another.Does that mean this is how I view everybody I meet, by no means, what I am saying though is ““Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The LORD does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.” — 1 Samuel 16:8 should be the guideline in which we live.

My heart is open and visible, but also like everything else in this life there are two sides. But the question is will you still want to know me after you see both sides to this heart? One side shows signs of rebuilding and healing going on. Walls of forgiveness, self worth who my Christian character is based on. Were my identity is based and nothing is going to shake, my heart is focused on the One who choose to give me life again. In Him there is no condemnation, but words of healing and affirmation.

The other side is a side which is hardly seen, the walls are walls of destruction and self doubt. Not allowing my dreams to come true due to shame, past hurts, and false hope. Brokenness does not let the light shine through to offer healing due to fear of getting hurt again. The light shines for a time but is repelled back. The darkness tries to take control of the situation and takes advantage. We believe the lies of the enemy that we are still victims.

Little by little, there is a hope and forgiveness that is shining through. They say that the heart reflects who our identity is based on. We are the church for the world that needs a light. Yet so many times like i said before just notice the outer-shell and do not even attempt to get to know the heart of someone. Our hearts take in the word of God and help build walls of encouragement, and who we really are. Yet so often we take our heart and often put it on the shelf and walk within the world instead of with God. Satan tries to block our hearts, from turning it over to God by trying to remind us we are not good enough. If we are not in tune with God then our hearts will follow that trend.  Not to try and discourage anyone who may read this, once we accept Christ into our lives nothing is going to change that, yet the fire is going to burn out. Our passion for Christ is not going to be one as it once was.


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