I lift my hands

So many times in our lives we have troubles and tribulations. Now the world’s view only gives us two options really. We can either learn from the experience and grow, or option two run away with the problem and not look back. Now in some regards we really do both options at the same time. Case in point, let us say we are dating someone that we care about, you get into an argument. Are you going to be able to talk it through? Or are you going to run away and bury the problem and act as if nothing is wrong? If you are able to talk through the problem, you can learn from the experience through a trial and error. Try not to make the same mistakes. If you choose option two, who are you really benefiting through this? Is your goal not to hurt your self, or do you truly care enough about that other person not to hurt them?

By this point into the blog some of my readers may be wondering what this has to do with lifting my hands, and I admit I was going on a nice bunny trial with a lot of questions. That have yet to be answered, but I assure you that is not the topic for this blog. The topic of this blog is about lifting my hands. It is about how when the world offers two options that there is a third option that is always available. We in the”Christian” community know what this third option is, and it is our responsibility to share this with the rest of the world.

What does this look like though? When are times in which we can turn to this option? Chris Tomlin a Christian music artist wrote a song called” I lift my hands”, there are some very true points he made in his song.
“I lift my hands to believe again You are my refuge, You are my strength
As I pour out my heart These things, I remember You are faithful, God, forever”. But not just in instances like that, when we loose a loved one. Let us rejoice for they are with God.When we loose a job, God will still provide. God has our best interest in mind, yet we as humans turn away from God, or even blame God when things go wrong in our lives. At all times we need to be praising the Lord. Faith will still be there, and as we reach out to God he is there to reach down and provide for us.

In a previous blog I wrote that God bases us on our hearts which is very true, but when we are week, when we are going through tough times God wants us to reach out and lift our hands to worship Him. He is the one that created us, He is the one that will not turn His back on us no matter how many times we turn and walk away. But as our faith deepens and grows with more of a passion to long after God our hearts will follow. We are not the victim anymore. For we have victory. We are not lost anymore but are found. Remember God is always and will always be available to us. But we need to meet Him. So lets all lift our hands in prayer and worship and Thank God for giving us another chance. Happy Reading, Adam


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