It is that time of year again.

So each and every year around this same time, a few things never seem to change. Some of those things are the fact by this time of year we are wanting it to slow down, but that never seems to happen. The other is something that started awhile ago, and the traditions are still passed on to this day. Of course I am talking about getting our letter to Santa Claus, wow did I have all of you fooled. Most of you thought I was going to write about Thanksgiving, or even the true story of Christmas. Oh believe me sooner or latter those will be appearing or making an appearance. I am not even going to go into the mystery of how Santa came about. Come on you all should know me better then that. But at the same token, you should know that I will not leave you hungry for more. Well indirectly yes lol, but I promise it is not planed.

When I was a kid, now I may not be certain about this. But I do not remember going to the mall that much to see Santa. Maybe I did, the point is I still believed in Santa without having to see him at the mall. Something about writing the letter each year, and having hmm interesting side note. In order to believe that Santa would bring the presents each year I would need faith, the thought I had was how to keep the faith in Santa even as we get older. Just like in our Christian walk, we need faith to believe in Jesus. But we do not grow out of that relationship, how to keep our child like faith though that is the question.Wow that went a lot deeper then I thought originally, maybe I will write more on that topic later.

But the part that I remember the most was writing my letter to Santa, and asking what I wanted for Christmas. I always thought how cool it must have been to work with Santa, I mean seriously trying out the new toys, video games. Epic within it’s own right, plus to be able to make all the toys for the rest of year. Does Santa hire a elf to be the personal secretary? I mean I never got a response to my letters, but I always wanted one. But more so to translate and go through each letter. Especially with those of us who have bad hand writing. I know hard to believe right, but sadly yes. I think it is funny how I can get so far off track within my own blog, wow I even impress my self at times.

When I was a kid, I believed in the Great pumpkin, cupid, and the Easter bunny oh yeah and the leprechaun dude from lucky charms. But over time I stopped believing in cupid, when I never had a girl friend for Valentines day when I was younger 😦 But I am ok with that lol. Great Pumpkin is something I think that Charlie Brown made up to try and make another holiday. Easter bunny i saw adults hiding the eggs, next thing I knew I was doing that also. Lucky charms dude he is so real. No trying to argue with me, what am I saying I know he is not real. Leprechaun’s are just part of our imagination. But what is it about Santa that keeps the dream alive? I am a grown up and here I am writing a blog about Santa. But yeah that is the interesting perspective that I am dealing with.

I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that this year seems so different then others, a few job changes. And my apartment while it is nice, and feels like home.I do not have that many Christmas decorations to put up. It is hard to get excited for Christmas when it is just one person, by no means am I complaining it is all part of God’s plan for my life. Let me switch that, I have friends and family just not that one special person. The bunny is starting to show again.But seriously I know that Santa can not bring me the extra holiday spirit that is needed. That is a choice of my own, and I choose to take joy. And remember to send your letters to Santa.

Santa Claus 
 P.O. Box 56009 
 North Pole, Alaska 
Happy Reading and Happy Holidays, Adam


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