Remember When

Is there anything wrong with going back and remembering a time in our lives? In my own opinion I would say no. But so many people say that we can dwell to much on the past if we are not willing to move on.I agree to that debate as well, there comes a time in our lives when we need to take a stand. I am not talking about taking a stand in a political form or anything of that nature. I am talking about taking a stand for where we say the past is there for a reason, and we do need to move on despite how much hurt and past emotion is still there. The memories are still there and they will always be there to try and keep us down. But we know that we are stronger then those memories. If that time in our life that we keep going back to was so pleasant, would we still not be there now? Am I talking to my self in the entry more then my readers to a point I am. Does that mean I am just giving up on my dreams of going into the mission field one day? By no means it is dreams like that in which in fact are giving me the energy and encouragement every day. That just means I need to move on from the past hurts and times in which I was not truly my self or truly happy. Stop counting the days till the dream comes back.The memories in which are good, and peaceful are the memories in which I want to remember. I almost wish I knew who my grandpa was before he died, he always said he wanted a grandson. Two years latter I was born, but the memories of him are memories in which I want to remember even though I never knew him. So in closing there is nothing wrong in remembering, but let us remember for the right reasons not the wrong.Think of each day as a new start, a new memory to remember you have the choice in how the remembrance will play out.Happy Reading Adam


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