I start to write a blog about snow a few thoughts come into my mind right away. A nice warm blanket, hot cocoa, and movies. But there is something else that comes to mind. It is interesting how when the snow starts to fall how each snow flake is unique and different. Now I could go into a blog how that reminds me of how each one of us has unique talents to offer one another, but I will spare that blog for another day.

As the snow starts to fall upon the dry and barren ground, it looks soft almost as if it is a blanket. Coming down from the heavens above to comfort and protect. As I glance out my picture window I see bunnies scampering through the lawn trying to find a warm spot. There is whiteness all around, the ground is almost covered. I sip on my hot tea watch the night fall into place. The city lights are all a glow on the soft fallen snow, the snow reflects the image of the light. Kids in the neighborhood are still playing almost ready to come in for the evening meal.

The fire has a nice warm heat and glow coming off of it into the den. I leave the blinds open though so that way I may still enjoy the look of the fresh fallen snow. I know that in a while I will have to go and shovel the drive, but for now I am enjoying the warmth. The snow reminds me of the way that our Lord and Savior sees us. Pure and Forgiven like the fresh white snow of the winter, He does not see us for our shame and guilt. He sees us as beloved children, my memory starts to flash back to when I was jr high and my youth pastor told me about that. But then I look forward at all the crap that has passed since that day. But yet I reminded that I am loved, that was a part of my past not the present.

As I remember that I am loved in a way that no one can take away I fall on knees in tears, looking up and praying. Asking God to forgive me for the past life that I lived, not living for Him but rather my self. The tears are not tears of sadness though, but of joy.

Happy Reading Adam


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