If Words Could

Ever express how much love I have for you, the sea would be over flowed. The grain of the sands will never come close to how much I love you.

Express how beautiful you are then all the flowers would be ashamed of how beautiful they are for they know that they could never match your beauty.

Show in different ways how much you have truly been there for me at all times that I needed someone to talk to even if it is just for a moment. All the times that you have been there for me to cry on your shoulder.

I think if words could ever express all this then you would know how much I truly do love and care for you.

Care is another thing that you have truly showed me, you have showed me that time and time again no matter what the circumstances may be.

And to know that you picked me, out of all the other guys out there. Show me a lot of how much you do care for and love me.

This is something I wrote in the fall of 2004, I just found it while I was cleaning. But whoever God blesses me with, everything that I have written here is very much true.


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