Why I write

A lot of people have been asking me why I write , what caused me to start writing. As I was trying to thin of how to answer that, I found a journal entry answering that very question. After you read this hopefully it will make a clearer picture as to why I write.

My words feel as if they are a fresh spring rain. There is a slight chill, the words start to feel warm and refreshing. On the inside it feels as if my words, are just washing away. Are my thoughts getting across making a point and trying to reach a target audience? Those are questions and even some (thoughts)  instinctive choices that writers go through when they choose there next project.

Why as a blogger do I choose to share this with you? By no means or standers even at that point, would I classify my self as a writer, in that profession anyway. When I write do I even picture an audience reading this, or do I write manly write to write? Do I do it in a way to help encourage “them” or do I write to encourage my self?

Let me set up a picture in your mind when a painter pants unless he or she is given a task or something to paint do they still want to paint? To some degree maybe but it it is also a passion. I have a passion to write, that is why I like to write. But when I write where do my topics come from? I have no one advising me on how or what to write. It comes from my heart. Sometimes I may ask for ideas or topics, but what I write comes from my heart. Happy Reading Adam.


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