Goodbye 2011 Hello 2012 Part 2 of 4

So just to fill everybody in on what i am doing right now for my blog. I am doing a year in review month by month going over some highlights and some down falls as well. I am not going into specific situations b names and things of that nature, but once it is finished it will make sense. Just wanted to pre set the notion of what was going on in case someone new is joining us.

May John Wayne’s birthday, ok so for April I thought of something funny to highlight I figured it could not hurt again. For the most part May was an interesting month to say the least, my job situation was getting a lot tougher each and every day I wondered why I was still going there I found no joy there at all. To break it down I think I was a little depressed also about a few other things but work was not helping at all. As far as where me and God were, lets just say God loves me and has a funny sense of humer when I least expect it.

June is a nice weather month? Any way the stress of the job was really starting to get to me more. It seemed like I could never fully relax and be my self.  When I was off work I was thrilled but then disappointment when I had to go in the next day, But there was a highlight to that summer of 2011, wow inter voice monologue coming out.My self and a friend that I had known for about 9 years decided to date. We were both really excited but super nervous at the same time. But other then that my jeep was doing good, I was missing a headlight though. But I did get that fixed. Some of my friendships were still going strong with Underground and also in other aspects.

July how to break down a month with a lot of downs without sounding like I am putting my self down? Well the month started out great but me and my friend decided it would be a better choice for both of us if we remained friends. I understood, but it still hurt a little bit. Me and another friend decided to get out of Omaha for a overnight and visit another friend. We saw Transformers 3 in his home town, then we helped him deliver his mom’s paper route in the pouring rain. I enjoy getting out of Omaha just to have time to reflect and think. A highlight about the month I had a job interview and I got to put in my two weeks at the hospital… finally out of Hell lol.I did get a job but more on that next month. My walk with God was not going well at all, I was starting to deeply question my walk. I hide a lot of what was really going on. The last downside of the month came near the end… in all reality I am still trying to figure out why this happened. My ex from a year ago mind you sent me a letter with some pictures. I was like why ? I never responded to the letter or anything…. why you may ask… Because I am more mature then that lol in fact I burned it. Why try to reopen scars that have healed….

August back to school right? Wrong that is going to be my goal from 2012 even if it is metro to start so next August we shall see. Anyway back to the month, I got a new job at a call center again, it had been over two years since last I worked at one. I was nervous but excited all at the same time. Also I got a phone again, ok let me explain this over the summer I got behind on a payment. So therefore I was using track phones and things like that, no dis respect to those that may have them. But that was not the best for me… harder to keep track of people and find out what was going on. As far as my relationship with God was going… lets just say it was there, is where it could have been? Probably not but then again we are only human, not that I am making an excuses. A highlight for the month other then getting a new job lol, was the fact that I got to see a friend that I had not seen in 6 years! It had been way to long, but the day that we got to spend together was amazing. So that for sure was a plus, I finally got to feel like I was relaxed again. Happy Reading  Adam


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