Goodbye 2011 Hello 2012 Part 3 of 4

September another year older and richer in debt. That is exactly how it seems at times as your birthday draws closer. So here I am at a new job, which is going  well about to get done with training. About to hit the floor on our own. We are still in OJT but our regular schedule takes effect. My birthday comes and goes, this year I went to karaoke with a group of great friends. I am not sure how many where there all together, but yeah it was totally a fun night. The one down side for the month, the job I got I lost. Now let me try and explain this, picture if you will a job where you agree with a customer. About a policy but in turn you are just repeating back what they said trying to gain compassion from them. Just to get fired really? Oh well it is just a job right?

October well the time ad gone and passed still no job. Still wondering what is out there in that regards, but I mean in all reality though everything else is going great. My walk with the Lord is starting to turn back full circle, it seems like everything else is starting to fall back into place. So no complaints really to speak of. By the end of the month I found anew job, I was really excited the day I got it!, I got turned down by two places earlier that same day. Blessing in hidden form. I thought that this would start to solve some financial issues and I would get right back on track. Also I went to a Halloween party through the church group Pergo Dues, it was fun for the most part. After I got home from that I went and catched up with other friends.

November a chance to be thankful, I wish that there was a way to show that same thankful attitude through out the whole year as well. My friends all I can say is without them in my life I am not sure where I would be.Right before Thanksgiving I had a flat tire. A friend helped me change it and got the tire for me. The very next day, I had another flat tire, this time on my driver side front. A friend of mine that I have known for years got me two brand new tires for my jeep, at no cost to me at all. I am very thankful for the generosity that they showed me. Also on November 23, the new Muppet movie came out. Yes I am that much of a dork lol but I think most of you have figured that out by now lol. It was really good, paid good tribute to the Muppet’s and the original artists that brought them to life from the start. So for the most part November was a good month.

December, Mary Christmas Happy Kwanzaa and Happy Hanukkah just covering all my bases for every reader. The month did not really start off the best. I lost my job, and it seems as if there is nothing really at all out there in relation to work. I know I am going to find something soon though, but right now it just seems tougher and tougher with work. The holidays are upon us again, sad part there is very little snow. I am not sure how the sleigh will work though. But anyway that is my year in review the next portion is going to be a list or dreams that I want to try and accomplish for next year. So happy new year and Happy Reading, Adam


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