Well I made it!

Let me explain before anybody jumps to any conclusions here. When I started this blog near the end of  March in no way, did I ever feel like I was going to reach 70 blogs. I did not even realize that I was that close to that mark. I have achieved that goal, my goal next is to reach 100 blogs by March. Is that a dream or can I do it? Well as most of you know of how inspired I get at times. I say that is a good goal to reach for. Plus if I did 100 blogs a year for the next few years my writing may even improve.

When I started this blog I did not know how or what direction to follow. But slowly the ideas started to come, like a down pour on a rainy day. And now it seems as if nothing is going to stop. Yes I do go through times where I may not write that often. But believe me that dream and ideas are still there so in a sense nothing is stopping the dream. My question is though for next year should I do more theme blogs or break it down into various thoughts or blogs.

This may be a shorter blog, sadly there is not much to be written that has not already been said or written. I have no idea at the present time. Give me a week on that. Anyway thanks for always supporting me and remember Happy Reading Adam

Ps if you have any ideas that you would like me to cover or topics please feel free to share.


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