A Knight

To be a knight there was a code of honor to be defined. The knight servant hood lied to the King. The knight often served on his own but was never alone, at the same time.A narrowing of the generic meaning “servant” to “military follower of a king or other superior”. Now what a interesting way to start a blog, if your thinking was the same as mine that would be the wrong answer.

So the question is why would I decide to write a blog about a knight? To some degree this is addressed to all the gentleman out there who may read this. Are we going into battle? And who are we to protect? Those might have been some of the question that followed that last thought. The answer is Yes we are going into a battle, but not the type of battle that you might be thinking.Yes again we are going to protect someone, but more on the second part a bit latter.

Now going with the first question of are we going into battle. Guys there is a constant battle going on around us, one that we might not be as common knowledge with. That answer is as follows,the battle that is going on is for the hearts of the princess. That is also who we are called to protect. The battle might include showing her, how much care and love that you have for her. Showing her that you would be willing to go beyond all doubts of what the common man have placed on her. Showing her that you are different, and that you do care, I am not just saying to lie down and play dead either. I am saying simply show her that you can be different then any other guy out there that she has ever meet. Show her that the values you have are not just based on gain for your self, but for the both you.

If the princess does turn you down do not give up hope. Keep pressing on fight for the princess that will have. Find the one that is worth the tears, the phone calls to other knights asking for there council. The fight is not yours alone. Some of you knights might just be called to protect and to never meet your princes, we need you just as much as anybody. Others may go looking for there princess, find her keep her and go through a whole battle just to save her from the dragon. The battle is not just of the earth though either, we need to be on guard with our minds thoughts, and actions as well. Watch what we are doing when our princess is not around. Keep our minds and actions in check at all times.

Now for the good part of this blog the battle. I am not talking about a physical battle with other knights over the princess,sometimes we might be called to do that aspect though. I am talking about a daily battle. A battle of the mind and thoughts, a battle that sometimes we may think that we are going through alone. But take hope fellow knights you are not alone. What am I referring to when I am talking about a battle of thoughts or of actions with the mind? I am talking about the actions of our eyes, when we see a beautiful woman our first instinct is to look at her right? Believe me I am just as guilty of this as the next guy. But remember you might already have that princess, what would she think if she saw you staring at the other girls? Or what if she did not see you does that make it ok? That does not make it ok, even to go and flirt even though in the back of your mind you are not doing anything wrong. The same goes entirely with what we even look at on the internet as well. How can we show them honor with what we are looking at on the net? I am not going to go into detail here but all of you guys know what I am talking about.

When you meet someone, and you start to date them and then eventually lead to marriage you are making a code of honor to them. They do not need to know what that code is, but you do. Keep your word as a knight and stick with it, if you make a promise do not back down. If you say I love you remember that. Do not say it unless you are ready to, and unless you mean it. Remember you are your own knight, but you are never alone. Happy Reading, Adam


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