Where do I go from here?

So I must admit something to start with, first of all I am sorry about my lack of blog activity for those who may read every once and a while. It seems that with as much time as I have had to write I would have wrote maybe 3 or 4 if not more by now. But oddly the blog ideas have not been flowing as much or as easily. I think it was a writer block, but I have had those before but never for almost a whole month. I think that it might be something else, more to do with my psyche, but I am not for sure. Maybe my spiritual journey has also been off track so that may have contributed to my lack of writing.

I have always said that my gift of writing does not come from me but from God, now I have just recently liked to write as much as I do. Try to get me to do something like this when I was in college or for that matter try and come up with a 200 hundred word paper forget about it lol. Now I am lucky most of my blogs are over 800 lol. I think my previous English teacher Ms Kelsey would be happy but kind of scared about my new found joy of writing. But at the same time writing has calmed me  down, i have been able to focus more on other things. I find my self writing all the time. Is this something I should look into maybe pursue? I am not sure any feed back on that would be greatly encouraged. I know I mentioned something about going back to school but I always thought that was for cooking not for writing. But then again maybe I am wrong.

I think the question that I am most struggling with right now is where do I go from here? In regards to my writing mainly what topics or something of interest that would like to be covered? I am sometimes great about coming up with ideas as well. But lately I have had nothing, I am hoping that this blog will be the key to unsnapping my dry spell in  regards to writing. But then again only time will tell. As a writer it is interesting to look back at previous works that I have done already and wonder what I can do to improve them. I think that is a good sign  right? Grrrr I hate having all these questions and no answers. That is my thoughts on the topic anyway and I am sticking with it for now lol. Happy Reading, Adam


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