The Wild

As my eyes adjust to the dense of the fog, I sense signs all around me. Signs that make me feel as if I am far, far away from the safety and comfort of home. A question slowly forms in my mind, less of ‘where am I?’ but more ‘how did I get here?’

The wild starts to emerge, the sound of far off parrots forming a tranquil soundtrack in my ears. My eyes slowly adjust to the sunlight as if awakening for the very first time. Trees abound. No signs of life. Beaches with no footprints. Am I on the set of Survivor? The thought races through my head that I have somehow been tricked into believing I am somewhere I am not. Or even better, that I’m part of the cast of ‘Lost’, anticipating the director to bark ‘CUT!’ and looking forward to a cool Dr. Pepper making it’s way into my hands.

But the reality of the moment starts to sink in. This is no trick or illusion, nor am I on the set of some TV show. I am out here in the wild. Alone.

As I sit on the beach, still trying to make sense of my surroundings, I feel the sun’s rays gradually grow warmer and a rush of adrenaline roars through my veins. For some reason unknown to me, I feel the call of the wild, the call to seek out and discover what is out there. Wait though, the boat that l was on will be back? Or will it? 

This must be a dream. Though I don’t recall dreams being this real, where my senses are this heightened and feelings are this heart pounding.

Time to get up though. Time to get motivated and get off the beach. The tree line is dense and lush, forming a euphoric gateway to the paradise that lies beyond. As I get closer and start to make my way through, I’m confronted with a new sound that is both familiar and unexpected. It’s the sound of water, running……no….ROARING. After what seems like an eternity of pushing aside branches and carefully stepping over logs and other vegetation, I emerge from the tree line at the base of a waterfall. The craggy appearance of the rocks, the vivid greens and yellows of the trees, the cool, yet salty smell of the water. This is definitely not a dream. 

As I stand there stock still, trying to figure out how this could all be so real, my mind kicks into overdrive, pondering that and a lot more. As I struggle to take in the full breadth of the utopia layed out before me, a question arises in my mind-how would one ever survive the wild? Is it even possible? Random questions, I know. It’s a tranquil notion, being able to shrug off the conveniences of modern life and just get away, but the wild is not for everyone. Another question that still remains, one that gnaws at me is how did I get to where I’m at? Going further, is there also some kind of lesson I’m supposed to be learning here?

As I move from the casual warmth of the sunny beach, to the cool utopia of the waterfall, these questions still remain and my mind will not stop wondering. It feels nice though to be one with the wild, I feel as if I am exploring the land for the very first time. Maybe for that point I am. But all I know is this, if places like this still exist, the wild and unknown will always be out there.


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