Is it to late?

Is it to late to try and make things right again? My heart feels lost and alone. You were that source of joy at one point yet, I was still scared to believe you. I know the choice I made was the better choice for us in the long run, but right now I need you more then ever. I wake up at night hoping there will be a text but sadly there is none.

Interesting way to start a blog if you ask me. You might think that is to a person that I know, and to some degree that is truth, but if you think about that how many times do we say this to even close friends? But how often do we wake up hoping to have a text from a  friend? Or even a simple I love you text. What would happen if we did treat everyone we know as if they are that special person in our lives? I am not saying to go out and hold the hand of your best mate, and “girl chat”. But what if we held our friendships close, not back down when there is an argument. Be there in the middle of the night when they might need you the most, just be there to listen.

I am not sure in which direction to take this blog next. I could go into the list of friends like that I have. Or the friends who are there for me like that, but I do not copyright permission for that as of yet. So sadly I can not. Could I use different situations yeah but once again I do not like to do that type of writing. Grrr sometimes my own writing bugs me. I wish that there was a magic button I could press then the blog would be finished. But sadly I can do that yet… one day I will have such button.

Is it to late to try and turn back around and apologize? It is never to late, but let the apology be true and sincere. Do not just say what you think the other person wants you to say. Say what you believe, and do not back down from that. Do not just say and act a certain way just for one person. Still be YOURSELF. If you have your doubts share them, even if you have to talk about the same thing over and over. If they really claim to love you, they will work with you. Point out things you can work on not try and make you feel bad about your faults.

Is it to late? Only time can tell for sure. Happy Reading Adam




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