New Blog turn around.

So as some of you know this blog that I have created, was a way for me to be able to express some of my emotions and other things that have been going on in my life. Some of my blogs have even included where I am in my spiritual journey as well. Well folks the blog is going to be taken for a new turn, do not fret though this will be a more positive view or look for a while. I will still do my regular blogs as well. But for a few blogs in a new turn of the page.


In which direction am I going to take you, a few of you may be asking your self as you read the first paragraph. Well I am going to be taking you on a journey through a hidden desire of mine, a passion that I have always known was there but just until about April 2010 never got the chance to explore. Yes this is still going to be a family friendly blog as well do not worry, (wow the way I word some things). I am talking about cooking. I have always known that I liked to cook, but until I started having a few guests over for meals, I never realized how much. Now let me explain something real quick here, I know that I may not have a full kitchen, but with what I do have available to me it is pretty good food. If you ever do get invited to a meal here, you will notice a George Foreman grill, a coffee pot, a hot pot sometimes out. A microwave, a plug in skillet and two mini fridges. So you may be asking what can I really cook with all that. Here is the secret I love to explore that as well. What can I cook with what I am able to work with? That is sometimes the question I ask my self when ever I open up the cupboards as well.

But there is such a joy to cooking I can really explain how happy I feel even if it is making something small. Or even a full meal, or a meal for a potluck style I am glad that I have discovered this joy, but now how to share with the rest of the world is the question. Happy Reading Adam


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