Cooking 101

So my blog is going to be taking a new turn like I mentioned previously. This blog is going to be dedicated to cooking along with a few others. In yesterdays blog I mentioned a great vegetable to go with a main meal, but sadly I did not offer a main meal. This blog will have a great main meal, that your friends will be impressed with. I just recently maid this meal and it had great reviews from my testers. I sound so professional there, but this recipe will have them wanting to even try it on there own or have it some other time at your place.

So this idea was more spur of the moment, I had the ingredients already so that was the easy part. But what to create with those few ingredients now that is the question I was asking. Plus it was going to be for 3 people so I had to really figure out what I could create that all 3 of them were going to like.

Here is what you will need to get started a hot pot or rice cooker, microwave, microwave bowls and  about 3 or 4 spoons. For food here is what you are going to need. I promise it is easy and better then I even thought it was going to be. Rice, brown or white will work for this time I used brown. Cream of mushroom soup, salt or garlic salt. Butter, and that about covers what you will need.

Start first by cooking the rice that is prob what is going to take the longest with the whole process. After the rice is done you can either cook the soup one or two different ways here. The way that I created this was take the rice layer the bottom of your microwave bowl, and add the soup on top. Cook on high for about 3 or 4 min so in reality not that long at all. Or you could cook the soup separate then add the rice. Either way the soup and rice mixed together is really good. It has the look of an oatmeal, and the taste is very close as well. But is a quick and easy recipe to have for a dinner one night. Happy Reading, aka Happy Cooking Adam



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