What’s for Dinner?

How many times do we ask that question when we are hungry in the evening or even in the afternoon? How many times growing up did we ask our mom’s or dad’s that question? Looking back a few more times then I care to remember, but now as a chef I ask that very question a lot. Ok I am not a chef yet, but I like to cook, so we are going with that for now. I am going to offer some quick easy recipes that will make a nice dinner. Best part all of this can be purchased on a college budget.

Now the recipes that I am going to mention are mainly set for one or two people, so keep that in mind while reading this. Also you know what you like and dis like better then I do when it comes to spice and things of that nature.

Cheese Corn– this would work best as a appetizer or even the vegetable for a meal. Everyone who has tired this meal so far has enjoyed it. I have even made it for a snack before, its healthy and enjoyable.

You will need a microwave, microwaveable dish with a lid

2 cans of whole kernel corn, cheese(any kind will work) Ginger spice, garlic spice,pepper, salt. Tabasco, bacon bits and  onion about 1/4

 Layer the bottom of the dish with cheese, add corn after draining. add spices. Keep layering that way until the dish is almost full. Heat on high for 3.30 add hot sauce for extra spice after it is done cooking. You can also mix the dish together mid way through as well if you want. I tend not to do it that way, but it is up to you. Another thing I have added to this before is grilled chicken and hot dogs  not together but separate. What you do not finish you can re cook in the microwave another day. 🙂 Well here is what could be for dinner or even part of dinner stay tuned tomorrow for the main entry. Until then Happy Reading, Adam


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