12 away

Ok just to clarify I know the music blog does not count, the playlist but in this circumstance I am including it. Now what on earth am I talking about when I mean 12 away? I could be talking about the disciples that Jesus picked to follow Him, or I could be talking about 12 days away till a life event. Well none that I know of anyway, the event I am talking about is after this blog that you are reading is finished I will be only 12 blogs away from 100! That was on my list of goals to do by the end of the year, wow I had no idea that I would be this close. When I started almost a year ago plus a month,I never knew how much built up excitement of writing that I would have. And neither did anybody that reads this as well.

So the question is what to talk about in this blog, well in fact I am kinda torn about that decision as well. I know what I want the next few to be about but I am not going to give you a preview in this blog. I could talk about a new creative food thing that I have tried recently but that is going to be latter as well, maybe even today. Wow for someone that does not have a lot to talk about for a topic, I sure can ramble more then I thought I could. I am going to mention sort of what my day was like today. Be warned it is an adventure along with everything else in  my life.

So this morning I woke up around 8:15 am all on my own, and for some reason wide awake. But I was looking forward towards today as well. So after I got my morning coffee going I decided to meet a friend of mine downtown. So we meet and we started walking, for those of you that know how much I walk I was looking  towards this walk. So we walked until about 11am so about a nice two hour walk, I kept walking for about another half a hour or so and then decided to head back to my place. After I got back to my place i was in fact talking a nice and easy lazy day off from work. I can relax like that every once and a while. So that was my day just wanted to share that with everyone. Happy Reading, Adam


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