Life’s A Happy Song….

Wow ok what an interesting title to a blog, even I have to admit that much.For those of you that may be unaware this past November the Muppets came out with a new movie, this was one of the title songs to the movie. Over all the movie was done very well brought great tribute to the original group of Jim Henson,  and Richard Hunt. Over all though a very touching movie, great moments and great laughs all the way through.

Since I started this blog about movies should I continue or should I switch up the topic? That is the next question as I am working on this. It is very interesting to me how I type what I am thinking, almost as if someone else is reading this as I type. That would be a scary feeling in all reality if that was the case, I am sure that is not. Wow I am glad that some of my blogs really have no meaning at all.

Ok back to happy thought blogs now lol I watched a documentary on Netflix the other day about the guy that does the voice of Elmo. It was a very neat story expect for the fact it ended back in 1995 lol. The reason why I find that funny is the fact that it was just made this past year. But over all though a great story of how became a puppeteer and everything. But anyway Life’s a Happy Song if we all take time and look on the inside. Happy Reading Adam


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