Dear Adam

It seems so odd to write a letter to my self this way. I mean I have done this in the journal sense but never thought that I would ever publish this. I first of all want to say that there is so much inter strength that is hidden that you have. Do not be afraid to let the inner you come out more. If people can not accept you as you are then fuck them.

You are a strong warrior that has the let the past come up over and over again that it is really hard to see anything but negative right now within your life. If you think it is because you have hurt some people in your past seek them out and apologize do not let it be buried anymore. You have the bad tendency to take everything to heart, while that is not always a bad thing you seem to dwell on on it and over think it. Move on already, sorry not trying to be so negative right now, but maybe this is what you need to hear.

You need to stop living in the dream world of ever going back to New Zealand or Vietnam, if it does happen great but it prob will not so stop the dream. Who knows how many others dreams have passed you by because your head was so far up that particular dream. Oh stop dreaming about the damn future so much if and when it happens great, but until then focus on the here and present. I know as I re read this latter it will be hard but maybe I do need a letter like this to my self, as if it is a reminder. I am only writing this cause I do care, as hard as it may be to see right now.

You do have a bright future and you will achieve your goals. But when that time comes. Why rush into something that is not there yet, if you do look with both eyes wide open, keep the goal focused then you will achieve what you set out to do. Happy Reading, Adam

The reason why I decided to write a letter to my self, is more I understand what my friends and family are saying but in a way unless I wrote it my self it might be easier for me to see. And want to seek out


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