Dear Kendra,

How are you doing? I know it has only been a few days since we have talked but I thought I would still check. 🙂 So finally I am working on that letter that I told you about, random way to receive a letter. But I figured at the same time it could not hurt. You have meant so much to me over the past ten years almost now that we have known each other. Not a day go buy that I am not thanking God for our friendship.

At times it almost feels as if our friendship is just a dream, but I know that it is more then that. You have been there for me at my worst of times and also at my strongest of times. It seems hard for some reason putting into words how I am thankful for you. Meaning the idea is not hard but to  be able to express my gratitude to you after everything we have been through in regards to our friendship. We have both been through a lot in our lives, and no matter where we are out friendship will always be just as strong as ever.

I know we have had our shares of ups and downs as well, but what friendship does not go through something like that. In closing of your letter, thank you for never giving up on me even when I was at my weakest moment. That shows me there what a great friend you have truly been over the years so thank you.

Love always another brother to ya,


Me and Kendra have known each other for almost ten years. We have lost contact for about 4 or 5 of those years but our friendship has and will always be there. Happy Reading, Adam


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