From Guilt and Fear to Grace and Freedom

How many times in our Christian walks do we say that we want to move from guilt and fear to grace and freedom? When does that moment come when we  realize that we can take that first stand in freedom, but wrapped  in the love and grace that follows? Those are just a few questions that I am going to try and answer within this blog. I know the direction in which I want to head, but if I end in the same spot only time will tell. How many times have we heard something like that? And not let it sink in, or not let it sink in right away. Most of my Christian walk I have realized as I was starting to do this topic was and is based more out of fear and guilt then grace and freedom.

So much of my prayer life going to church and helping others was based out of fear and guilt then grace and freedom. Jesus came to show us that is not the case, but at the same time we live in a fear of shame. Thinking we are never going to be good enough, and be able to be set free. A fear of the future despite everything else that has been going on, a fear of what other people my self included are worried about getting to know the real us. And then based on that reject us which in is  a sense  guilt of rejection. But Jesus in His three year ministry showed us how to live in a glorious grace and freedom.

But yet what will it take for us to get to that point?A repentant heart, a open mind the ability to trust beyond our own shadow of trust? Those are just some of the questions that we deal with when even thinking about taking that first step. The Lord will always be right beside you, but somehow or someway we need to take that step out into faith. Freedom comes when we walk into places of healing. That means having holiness and talking to someone about the pain that has been built up. It is not a sign of weakness but a sign of healing. We have freedom to enjoy our life with God. If we make the wrong choice then sometimes we think we are blowing the will of God, but that is not the case.

Walking with God is more like a playground. Yes there are borders  but  if you want to go down the slide go ahead swing on the swings, play on the marry ground. With God we have the freedom to express our self’s but we should not be afraid to take that first step. Yes we will fall, but like a good Dad, He will be there to catch us and pick us up and dust us off. And say “go play some more. I am not sure who this will reach, I am not sure who will be impacted by this, but all I know is that there is freedom and grace if we are willing to seek after it. God’s love for us frees us from the darkness and guilt that tries to hover over us, but we have a Light that is Stronger and Brighter then any other. Happy Reading, Adam


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