Has it been that long already?

What on earth could I be talking about? If you think about it this title could refer to numerous things. But there is one topic in general that this is referring to. That is correct folks it has been 10 years since I graduated from high school well technically May would be ten years. But I thought I would dedicate this blog to my high school and some of the memories that I have from that time frame. Granted no clue how long this blog will end up but I am sure some of my loyal readers will not mind as much.


The Omaha Street School opened its doors in January 1999 with four students. Today enrollment ranges from 30 to 40 with an average classroom size of 8 to 10 students. Students at the Omaha Street School feel that they are valued as individuals, that they matter and that they are part of a nurturing family. Among the caring and compassionate instructors, staff, and volunteers, they find hope and gain self-esteem while increasing valuable self-sufficiency skills along with their education. I started attending in April of 1999 right after the Columbine shooting that happened. I remember that my principal used to play soft ball behind that school when he used to live in Colorado. He used to know some of the staff from that school as well, so I remember how difficult that time was for him.

When I started going there was 12 of us all together “the dirty dozen”. But in reality we were more like a close family.When I started the school was in the basement of a church. The church was Benson Baptist, the school offices were on the top floor. By the start of the fall semester we had grown so much that we were soon taking over the whole church. By that point it was time to find a bigger building in which we did. Oh by the way before I started going to the Omaha Street School I was home schooled, so it was a jump. But the staff really took me in along with all the students really. At times it seemed more like a  big family. But like any family there was fights and arguments.  We moved into the high school building at the old Nebraska School for the Deaf property. It was very cool to have our own building, we had various church groups bringing in lunch for us. Side note I started attending BBC as my home church.

In our 2001 year book this is the bio that was written about me. Adam says he is a “very religious 18 year old”. He was home-schooled throughout grade school and junior high and came to OSS when his parents read an article in the newspaper. He wants to be remembered for his kind and sensitive personality.(Really how could we ever forget? Adam is known for helping anyone who is less-fortunate or just plain down on their luck.)His favorite place to visit was San Diego because he got to see the ocean. (That spring I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Mexico on a missions trip.)

It is so interesting to go back and look what was written about you then and then look at where your life is now. In 2002 when I graduated this was written about me as well. Adam DeFrancesco, a.k.a “A.D”, has been at the Omaha Street School for 3 years. A.D is known as “Mr Faithful ” to the students, because he has a strong Christian faith and stands up for what he thinks is right. Adam says that the cartoon that best describes his personality is Yogi Bear, because Yogi is rough looking on the outside, but is really sweet. After he graduates from O.S.S AD wants to go to Nebraska Christian College to pursue Youth Ministry. In Adam’s opinion the best thing about being at the Omaha Street School is the fact that we are all like a big family. The students and staff will certainly miss you, A.D!

Wow to see that and now look at where my life is ten years latter is a huge eye opener but in a good way. I did attend NCC but I never got my degree, while I was there my ministry goal or focus did change to that of Missions. While I still have a huge heart of Youth Ministry if I could go back and do it over I would focus more on the Missions side of the degree. I still check in with the Omaha Street School about once or twice a semester just to do follow up. I have thought about giving back in someway or another. Maybe I should do something about that instead of just saying I will. Hmmm I will add that my list. Well Happy Reading, and God bless Adam.

For more information about the Omaha Street School go to http://www.omahastreetschool.org/


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