Here I go again…

So it has been almost one week since my last blog entry. I do apologize for my delay in writing. I have just had so many  other thoughts going through my mind lately, normally to write is a release for me. But I have been having a hard time just being able to focus. It has been rather aggravating as well.

There is probably a underlining factor to why my mind has been drifting more then usual, but I have not been able to truly pin point what that is yet. I am glad I am not a writer with a dead line to get things turned in by. But at the same token, maybe that would be a good idea with my writing. To have a dead line so that way i will be able to focus more on the goal or the task ahead. So with that, i was looking over a previous blog I wrote about my new years resolutions. Writing the blogs by March was not the first thing on my list, but I have already completed that goal. Here is a preview of what that list looked like, into relation as to what I am talking about. Here is the first three anyway,instead I am going to write a list of goals that I have for the new and up coming year. If I get all of these goals accomplished we shall see with time and patience.

1) Get to over 100 blogs by March… that is when I started my blog and wow if they only knew what they were thinking when thy suggested me starting a blog lol.

2) By  April or May and if anyone wants to keep me in check for this one awesome…. have a plan figured out for going back to school by August. For those of you who know what a huge choice that would this would be a major step in the right direction for me.

3) Have a steady job and starting paying off  any bills that I have left to figure out try to get my fiances in order…. Another big goal for me. But something tells me 2012 is going to be good for me.

Number one has already been completed which was a huge step for me. I did not think I was going to come close to reaching that goal let alone any of these goals really. I knew I was going to come close, but never dreamed that I would actually make them. Number one has been done, now that I have gotten that done early I can move on to number two and three right? Well you would think so but sadly my motivation is not what it was when I had first wrote that list of goals.

So in regards to the school situation I know the type of degree I am going to study for and the minor in which I would like to peruse so that is  plus right? True but now what steps will it take me to get to that goal? That is the part I am still trying to figure out. Now in regards to a steady job, I am working as of right now. It is through a temp agency but it is still a job. But I would really like to get hired on by where I am working. Just so that way there is some tangibleness to my life right now. But that is just a dream right? Well truth be told only time will tell. Happy Reading, Adam


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