Hello Mr Blog….

First of all I would like to apologize to my blog for my absence. I know it has been a while since I last posted anything. Sadly the thoughts have not been flowing as creatively as they normally have been in the past. I guess that could go as well for my readers, who normally check out my blog. I am not sure why the creative juices have stopped or why I have not been in a writing mode lately, but I re assure both the readers and my blog that I am back now… Hope that means more creative will come as well, or even a new direction.

It seems like the harder I think about a new topic or trend to write about the less I see that happening. Is there something more wrong then even I thought? Not at all trying to put my self down mind you, just really trying to figure this out. Where is the drive that I had when I started my blog? There is enough going on right now in my life where the fire should be always burning the desire to write should always be the focus as of right now. But sadly and oddly there is nothing there when I try and write…. It is very frustrating for those who are writers they can relate to where I am coming from. But anyway this is the blog lol hope you enjoy and as always Happy Reading